Carven | 'kär-vən | verb [poetic past participle]

Finely Inscribed or Imprinted by Craftsmen; Distinguished by a Timeless Union of Form, Function, and Beauty.


46 Homes on the boulevard by Kenstone Properties

I have a reverence for elegant design—design that is timeless, hiding complexity in simplicity, just as it is in nature. Carven is an expression of this ethos, and is Kenstone’s most personal project yet. We worked with an incredible team of designers and craftsmen to create 46 truly special homes. Where families can make memories in Kerrisdale as fond as my own.”

Edwin Liang – Kenstone Properties

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Kerrisdale’s park-like streets, human-scaled buildings, and pleasing density make it Vancouver’s most charming neighbourhood. At Carven, you’ll enjoy peace of mind and still have plenty to do in the heart of the neighbourhood, just the long-standing shops and restaurants in vibrant Kerrisdale Village.

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Carven - A collection of lofts, 2, and 3-bedroom condos along the iconic Arbutus Greenway in prestigious Kerrisdale. The information you provide will be used by Key Marketing and Kenstone Properties to enhance your home buying experience. Select members of our Sales Team are licensed Real Estate Professionals with Key Marketing and cannot provide representation to potential buyers at Carven. For more details please click here.